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We normally have informal read throughs followed by a formal audition with set audition pieces for our plays and musicals but for each show the precise format is at the discretion of the director.


Once details of the auditions for this seasons shows are available they will appear below. If you would are interested in auditioning for a particular show you can register your interest by completing the forms below, just complete a form for each of the shows you are interested in.

Our House


The next full musical of the season with performances over two weekends on 24, 25, 30 April and 1, 2 May, 2020.


13th January, 2020 8pm      Read through

15th January, 2020 8pm      Read through

20th January, 2020 8pm      Audition prep

22nd January, 2020 8pm     Auditions

26th January, 2020 2pm      Auditions


In addition to the lead roles, the show has a large ensemble with plenty of opportunities for spoken/sung cameo parts for all ages (including senior youth group) so there really is something for everyone. 

If you want further information then please contact Lara (

Who Goes Bare?


Who Goes Bare? is a good old fashioned run-around farce and with a cast of 10  and parts of all sizes so there's something for everyone.

Read through: Sunday 24 November at 2pm

Auditions: Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 November.
Rehearsals start: Tuesday 3rd December

Running a Health and Strength Home in a large and somewhat decaying country mansion can be a hazardous undertaking at any time, as Eddie Manchip knows.

When one is further beset by a sinister crook to whom one has signed away the deeds of the house in payment of a gambling debt; a complete desertion of the staff except for one half-witted and generally hysterically excited maid; an erring, pompous brother; his suspicious wife; a tennis-player in the nude; a quick-change artist who appears as someone different every ten minutes or so; the tennis player's kilted Scottish husband; and a hearty countrywoman grabbing second-hand clothing--then the result can be, in a word ... chaos!!

Any queries, contact Philippe Duquenoy -

Performance dates: 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th March 2020

Believe in the Magic of Christmas


We are pleased to invite anyone that wants to join in this event - no auditions and very few rehearsals. This show is going to be full of fun, laughter, songs and audience participation.


Martin wishes to hear from singers willing to sing a solo, duet, group for the first half where there is a specific list of songs. The second half features more traditional Christmas songs where contributors can choose their own act.


We welcome offers to perform in this show, which will be raising funds for the Charity of the 2019/2020 season. You do not need to be a member or pay a show levy. So if you can sing, dance, create funny moments to your favourite Christmas songs etc? Please email

Performance date: Sunday 8th December 2019. Starts at 7.00PM


Registered Charity Number: 1154841

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