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We normally have informal read throughs followed by a formal audition with set audition pieces for our plays and musicals but for each show the precise format is at the discretion of the director.


Once details of the auditions for this seasons shows are available they will appear below. If you would are interested in auditioning for a particular show you can register your interest by completing the forms below, just complete a form for each of the shows you are interested in.

Our House


In a similar way to Blood Brothers many of the key roles in Our House need to be played by actors who can convey a sense of youth. These characters start the show as sixteen year old school leavers and by the end are in their early twenties. However, the actual age of the actors can be much older. Providing you can give a performance that makes us believe you are a school leaver and that you relate to the other characters in a way that suggests you are all the same age then your actual age will not be a barrier to these roles.

The ‘kids’…

Joe - this is a large leading role and requires a lot of lead singing. Our House is very definitely Joe's story, or rather stories as early in the show Joe splits into two characters 'God Joe' - the one who made the 'right' choice - and 'Bad Joe' - the one who didn't. This role was originally played by one actor, but could be played by two if we think that will work better with the available auditionees. Either way, Joe is at heart an optimistic, energetic 'rough diamond' to whom friends and family are very important but he is also a victim of his own choices.


Sarah - this is a lead role with some lead singing. Sarah is a 'girl next door', slightly more well-to-do that Joe.


Emmo and Lewis - supporting roles with character singing. Joe’s best mates. Emmo is easily excited and would jump off a cliff if you told him to. Lewis is a bit more thoughtful. They are both outgoing characters and need to have good comic timing.


Billie and Angie - supporting roles with character singing. Sarah’s best mates. They are both sassy and enjoy making fun of people - boys especially. Very confident and full on.


Reecey - supporting role with character singing and lead singing in Baggy Trousers. Smooth-talking, self-interested, untrustworthy, superficial charmer!


There are also the following ‘adult’ principal roles:

Kath - Joe's mum. Supporting role with a little character singing. A big-hearted woman with great love for her family. Her life hasn’t been easy, but she’s not willing to give up - and won’t shy away from a fight for what she believes in. Kath has Irish roots so at least an Irish lilt to her voice would be desirable.


Joe’s Dad - a narrator/commentator role with some lead singing. A man who was full of spirit but took the wrong path in life. He is desperate for his son not to repeat his mistakes. Joe’s Dad died when Joe was young so is not visible to the characters he appears to be interacting with.


Mr Pressman - a supporting role with minimal singing. A London lad who has gone on to become a successful businessman and property developer. Pressman is intent on getting his way via charm or otherwise.

In addition to the excellent principal roles, one of the great advantages of Our House is that members of the ensemble have so many opportunities to utilize and develop their performance skills - there is plenty of scope for everyone to show what they can do. This means it's a great chance for less experienced performers (or those looking for their first opportunity on stage) to build their confidence.

There are over twenty ensemble characters (a mixture of speaking, singing and non-speaking roles). In theory these can all be played by a small number of people but equally it would work well with a large ensemble. This is definitely not a show that gives anyone much chance to sit around backstage!


The dates you need to know:

Read through 13th January 7.45 for an 8pm start

Read through 15th January 7.45 for an 8pm start

Audition prep 20th January 7.45 for an 8pm start

Auditions 22nd January 8pm

Auditions 26th January 2pm


There is no need to attend both auditions. Further information about audition format will be provided at the read through and audition prep evenings.

Show dates: 24, 25, 30 April, 1, 2 May.

If you have questions or want further information then please contact Lara (

The Tempest


Calling performers: Shinfield Players Theatre’s performance of The Tempest needs you!


First off, put these dates straight into your diary:



Tuesday 21st January, 19:45 (Green Room at the theatre)

Wednesday 22nd January, 19:45 (Green Room at the theatre)



Friday 24th January, 19:45 (Foyer or auditorium of theatre)

Saturday 25th January, 19:45 (Foyer of theatre)


We’ve condensed the characters of Shakespeare’s magical farewell to the stage into 12 roles, meaning that every part has plenty for performers to get their teeth into.


What’s more, our interpretation is open to gender-blind casting for almost every role. And with plenty of characters both young and young-at-heart we’ve parts for every age too.


So you’ve no excuse for not turning up!


Here are the fabulous characters you’ll be trying out for:


PROSPERO (male or female) – The cast-out Duke of Milan, now a sorcerer on an enchanted desert island. One of Shakespeare’s most complex characters. Has a bit of a God complex, plenty of latent insecurity, can be petty, vindictive and cruel.


ARIEL (male or female) – Prospero’s spirit servant, responsible for carrying out Prospero’s command and driving much of the plot. Hugely powerful – can be vengeful harpy or light airy spirit, depending on Prospero’s orders. Above all wants to be freed.


MIRANDA (female) – Prospero’s daughter. Can barely remember life off the island. Has no real clear memories of other humans. Clearly yearns for her world to expand. Falls in love with Prince Ferdinand.


CALIBAN (male) – Prospero’s slave, often described as “monstrous”. The son of a witch, but was raised by Prospero until he tried to rape Miranda. Is now constantly abused, tortured and tormented by Prospero. Terrified of his master, but desperate to overthrow him.


FERDINAND (male) – The son of the King of Naples. Believes his father to have died in the storm. Falls in love with Miranda instantly, but is tested by Prospero. Privileged, not used to hard work.


ALONSO (male or female) – The King of Naples. Formerly an opponent of Prospero. Believes Ferdinand to have been killed by the storm. Filled with regret and pestered by well-meaning but irritating Gonzalo. N.B. This performer will also play THE SHIP’S MASTER in Act 1, Scene 1.


GONZALO (male or female) – Probably the “nicest” character in the play. The only person to help Prospero when he was evicted as Duke, and a close advisor to Alonso. Tendency to talk too much, and generally to say the wrong thing.


ANTONIO (male or female) – Prospero’s brother, responsible for usurping Prospero and taking over Milan. An unrepentant villain, very cynical and controlled. Is now egging on Sebastian to murder his brother, Alonso, and claim the throne of Naples.


SEBASTIAN (male or female) – Alonso’s brother. Another nasty piece of work. Friends with Antonio, though is not as strong or manipulative. Nonetheless is happy to be talked into a plot to murder his brother.


TRINCULO (male or female) – One half of the play’s hilarious double act. Cynical, put-upon, weary from the storm and suspicious of Caliban. Joins Stephano and Caliban in a badly-managed attempt to overthrow Prospero and take over the island.


STEPHANO (male) – The King’s drunken butler. Finding himself washed ashore with a barrel of strong wine, he gets Caliban (and himself) drunk and launches an attempt to overthrow Prospero, marry Miranda and become King. Loads of comedy and slapstick.


BOATSWAIN (male or female) – A small, but perfectly formed role. Is the main role of the first scene, steering the boat, cursing the passengers and chivvying the crew. Responsible for kicking the play off on the right foot. Massive energy needed!


If you have any questions, or are keen to audition but can’t make those dates, email


See you there!


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