Shinfield Players Theatre Seating Plan


The Theatre seats 151 comfortably, and tickets for all our shows are available at the beginning of the season, they can be reserved in advance online at TicketSource, by e-mail, or telephone. Please tell us how many seats you require and for which date. If you have any preferences as to where you sit then let us know - our normal seating plan is shown below. Rows are in multiples of 12, 13 and 14 and two rows at the back of 6.


Wheelchair Accessibility


We have two wheelchair spaces in Row A seats 1-2 and 11-12, these seats must be booked in advance as we have to remove the chairs.

Once these seats are gone we are unable to admit any more wheelchair users due to Health and Safety reasons.

The Wheelchair user can bring a companion Free of Charge and they will be allocated seats B1 or B13 accordingly. 

For those able bodied people booking seats online we would ask that you do not book seats A1, A2, A11, A12 or B1 or B13 until the week of the show as we may have to move you if we subsequently get a wheelchair booking.