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Shinfield Players Theatre - Life Members

With a long history as a local institution we have had many members over the years. Some are with us for a short period of time whilst others join through our Youth Groups and stay well into adulthood...

Of the many who have been involved in our theatre, however, there is a small group of members who have given exceptional service to SPT. Their contributions have been instrumental in either delivering the many shows that we stage and/or maintaining the structure and organisation of the theatre and we are delighted to recognise them as Life Members of Shinfield Players Theatre. 

Di Capel
Annette Chishick
Jon Chishick
Nigel Dawes
Rosemarie Dawes
Joff Hamilton
Sue Hamilton
Henry Hawes
Lillian Kirby
Cate Naylor
Patrick Naylor  
Graham Smith
Maggie Smith
Stephen Smith  
Jean Terry
Barrie Theobald
Jean Theobald
Carol Vockins
Graham Vockins
Debbie Wheeler  

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