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SPTYG leaders  are registered chaperones after attending training by their local Council and passing Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (formolly CRB) checks, which are renewable every three years.


There are a minimum of two adults at each meeting. At least one of the leaders is First Aid trained.


We ask that youngsters are picked up promptly from rehearsal and that they are collected by a responsible adult. Please come into the building to collect, especially in the winter months as the car park can get quite busy with other groups arriving for rehearsal.


During the shows, we look after the youngsters backstage using trained chaperones.


We ask that all children have at least one parent who can train as a chaperone as we need a minimum of six chaperones per performance.Courses run throughout the year depending on which council district you live in. Please see a leader for further information on beoming a chaperone. 


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