Auditions @ SPT

We normally have informal read throughs followed by a formal audition with set audition pieces for our plays and musicals but for each show the precise format is at the discretion of the director.


Once details of the auditions for this seasons shows are available they will appear below. If you would are interested in auditioning for a particular show you can register your interest by completing the forms below, just complete a form for each of the shows you are interested in.


AUDITION NOTICE FOR MUSIC BOX Friday 22, Saturday 23 October 2021 Thursday 28, Friday 29 & Saturday and 30 October 2021


Welcome to the world of MusicBox. As we work our way through this lockdown and social distancing, at SPT we are looking to what may be possible for the new season. It may not be in the way we would like our musicals to be with live music, singing, dancing and group numbers but we have given thought to how we can safely put on a musical for both audience and cast. For these reasons we are looking for singing to backtracks NOT to live music and with minimal rehearsals

MusicBox – the idea is best described as something like the TV series Gogglebox but with songs from the musicals.


The characters talk about the song and then someone performs it.


Performers will rehearse at home and become word perfect with just minimal rehearsals before the shows.

The directors will pull it all together. It is intended to be performed on stage, with a simple set, and performers singing to backing tracks. We are now ready to put this out to all our members and beyond to explore the possibilities of what you would like to do.


What are we looking for?


Performers who would like to sing a song from any musical as a solo, duet or trio. ·

People that can character act in between the musical acts. · 

Voice over – to be off stage 




Because of current lockdowns we have not yet set dates for auditions and not decided yet if this will be virtually or face to face at specific times and dates. Ideally we would look to do this in June or July.


Singers - You would be required to bring 2 audition pieces for our consideration and supply your own music. (18 year old +)


Actors- We are looking for several males/females (18 year old+) for these roles. We will provide an audition piece beforehand.


Voiceover- A link between musical pieces (18 year old +) We will provide an audition piece beforehand. 


What to do next...


Singers- Decide what 2 songs you would like to bring to audition. provide some name of songs and musicals they are from.


Actors- You can audition for this role as well as singing performance.


Voice over - For a clearing spoken confident person. Not for someone that wants to either sing or act. Interested ? – 


Please get in touch ASAP

Martin Butler – Director - 

Jane Minchin – Co-Director -


We will be in touch as soon as possible to advise when and how auditions will be run. 

All to take place under government guidelines and we will review further when more guidance has been published. Accordingly dates may change.

Thanks! Message sent.