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SPT Charity of the Year

As a long-standing member of the local community Shinfield Players Theatre chooses to support local causes through our Charity of the Year. Each year a range of causes are considered by the SPT committee and one is selected to benefit from funds generated by theatre events and a dedicated Christmas show.


The Link Visiting Scheme - SPT Charity of the Year 2023-4

Loneliness is seen by many as one of the largest health concerns we face. It’s painful. It’s harmful to our bodies. It puts us at a greater risk of developing dementia, heart disease and depression. It’s so serious that it even shortens our life expectancy. And it’s on the rise.

The Link Visiting Scheme is an award-winning charity that was founded 25 years ago to help reduce loneliness amongst older people and to bring generations together in friendship and shared experiences. They offer one-to-one befriending, Friendship Groups, activities, events and long-term projects such as Community Kitchen and Link to Nature. They even provide fun and support on Christmas Day!

Their volunteers deliver the positive impact of friendship by providing quality time, a listening ear and focused attention on individuals who so often feel invisible and forgotten.


For more information on the Charity visit or contact them at or call 0118 979 8019.



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