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Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders - Review

The many dead bodies piling up in the village hall certainly taxed the detecting powers of bumbling D.I. Twigg (Martyn Washbourne). It was fortunate that the more astute Agatha Crusty (Sandra Miall)), was on hand to redirect the DI’s misguided ways - but do be careful to pronounce her surname correctly. It’s Croosty - nothing like a well- baked loaf!

Just when you thought the script was leading you to the identity of the murderer, that character swiftly met his/her fate - and there were plenty of suspects! From Agatha’s sister-in-law Alice (Lisa Stevens) to Toby, the Vicar (Brian Nixey); Chair of the management committee Eleanor (Amy Spiller); Harry the hall caretaker (Mark McLeod); visiting model Mandy (Sherrie Carslake); Isabella the publican (Jessica Adams); identical twins Olivia and Oliver (Melanie Sherwood – who needed to be sure she was appropriately costumed before each entry) and Maisie the hall cleaner (an inspired characterisation by Esme Bates).

The local constabulary in the form of PC Lockett (Chris Ashton) proved slightly more astute than his superior officer and the piece overflowed with witty dialogue and many very funny scenes. The entertainment even continued through the scene changes, as the stage crew deftly did their work on the dimmed stage, timed to the accompanying catchy theme music!

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