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Mother Goose - Review

From Barrie Theobald:

During my front of house stints at the pantomime this year I heard nothing but praise from departing audiences, so I looked forward with much anticipation to the final Saturday evening performance that I was due to watch. I was not disappointed!

My Shinfield friends will know I have long claimed that pantomime should be a complete theatrical experience, containing as it does all elements of ‘theatre’ (ie drama, comedy, music, dance etc) and it was all there this year in a delightful show that was just the right length for the younger members of the audience. After what I understand was a somewhat problematic start, Derek Lockwood is to be congratulated on his direction of the hardworking principals and chorus who delivered the goods, and to Rachel, Nick and Phil for the musical items (who discovered the audience participation number?!!); Amy for her choreography; Carol, Debbie and Jen for the colourful costumes and props and to all the backstage crew responsible for designing, creating, painting and lighting the show. (Derek modestly gives all the credit to Ben Crocker’s script!). In these reviews I do not normally name individual performers but I feel an exception is warranted this time by congratulating Bradley Hepburn on his portrayal of Smorg the wicked troll – he was always in character each time he appeared.

A great pantomime that I thoroughly enjoyed.

From Harry Stanborough (Age 7):

My Nan took me to see Mother Goose and I had a brilliant time. It was awesome. I didn’t know the story of Mother Goose before I went so I didn’t know what to expect; the whole story was about rescuing Heidi who was taken to Magic Mountain by a fairy. Mother Goose, Freya and Sven travelled in their balloon to try and find her and rescue her. It was really interesting and funny.

My favourite part was when the troll said “bogfarts”!

The actors, staging and music were good. Me and my Nan enjoyed joining in shouting and singing.

As a 7 year old I would definitely recommend other children to go and see it and I am looking forward to going to see the next production (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) in July.

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