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The King and I - Review

Like all well-known musicals, it is a difficult show to put on as people come to the theatre with certain expectations, but this production certainly didn't disappoint. I watched it on the second Friday and the audience responded enthusiastically in all the right places, enjoying the songs, dances and touches of humour. It was another show (like 'The Sound of Music') that required an all-age cast and yet again Steve Townsend (as the King) had a large family of children to deal with! There was great teamwork between members of the youth group and adult members with some stand-out performances from people of all ages. The costumes, music, lighting and sound all blended together well to make a very memorable production. The ending was very moving (as the old King died) but in spite of the sadness, the audience left the theatre with a strong sense of hope for the future as the young King took on his new responsibilities and outlined his plans for reforms, showing the influence that Anna had had upon him. It all added up to a great evening's entertainment so well done to all involved.

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