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Read Through and Audition Notice for 80's ... Best Years of our Lives (Musical)

It was a year ago on the last night of Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders when Sherrie Carslake spoke to me about her idea for a musical with a real feel good factor based around the 1980's, with a collection of 80's classics I took up the mantle and a month later a storyline and a few songs more saw 80's ... Best Years of our Lives finally come to life.

The storyline is set in in a nightclub in Reading called Rebecca's (in the 1980's there really was a nightclub, opposite Reading station entrance next to Thames Tower) main characters and storyline revolve around 4 people, Eileen, Billie Jean, Mickey and Frankie ( now to guess what songs they are based on !!!) and shows their school day memories in and around Reading. Many references that people living in Reading in the 80's will easily remember. But this Love story has a twist ....

We will be looking for a cast of 8 characters

4 Male and 4 Female

also looking for a backing cast for singing and dancing (no limit)

Dates of Musical

Thursday 12th October 7.45pm

Friday 13th October 7.45pm

Saturday 14th October 2.00pm Matinee

Saturday 14th October 7.45pm

Date for Read throughs

Monday 3rd July 7.45pm

Tuesday 4th July 7.45pm


Monday 17th July 7.45pm

Wednasday 19th July 7.45pm

Rehearsals will be on a Monday and Wednesday evening at 7.45pm starting 24th July.

Fully understand some of you may be on summer holidays in july and august, this is not a problem, if you are interested in being in the musical get in touch with me to discuss

Martin Butler

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