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Read Throughs for The Queen Beneath The Hill start on Tuesday, August 1st...


Someone has broken Anna’s kayak and she’s going to go mental. Her sister, Daisy, is the main suspect, but in between mouthfuls of choc ice she swears she’s innocent. And Anna’s ex, James, is getting married to Gabby on Saturday. So it’ll be all Bib can do to stop someone getting smacked with a shovel.

Set in a run-down kayak hire shack in the Lake District, The Queen Beneath the Hill is a tale of stultified youth, unrequited love, and smouldering resentment.

But it’s also a dark comedy full of cloudy beer, shoddy internet service, and pistachio ice cream.


Six actors – three female and three male. You won’t be afraid of a meaty role – no small parts here. A few of them are Massive. (With an intentional capital ‘M’).

You’ll want to really throw yourself into the character. It’s a brand new play, so it’s a great chance to really make the role your own. We’ll be doing a fair bit of character work in (and occasionally out of) rehearsals. It will be fun.... and there will be biscuits!

Oh – and most of you will be fairly young. Five out of six of the characters ideally need to be played by actors and actresses between 25-40. The sixth is older. But perfect for an actor young at heart...


Read throughs are at 7.45pm on Tuesday, 1st and Thursday, 3rd August. And then you’ll have the chance to dazzle us at auditions at 7.45 pm on Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th August. All will take place at the Shinfield Players Theatre.

(If you really can’t make the readthroughs, don’t worry. It won’t affect your chances of a part whatsoever. And if you really really can’t make auditions, ping an email to and we’ll figure out a time for you to do your thing.)

Oh – and you’ll need to be free 22nd-25th November. Because that’s when the show’s on!

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