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Read Through and Audition Notice for My In-laws Are Outlaws

Annie discovers her unknown in-laws are outlaws….. and her mother-in-law has hired a mad group of assassins to kill her! How will Annie, a mild mannered librarian, outwit the best of the Italian, Russian and Irish contract killers? This is outrageous, laugh out loud comedy at its best.

We will be looking for a cast of at least 10 characters. We’re not concerned about ages, as long as the cast can appear age appropriate for two or three generations of a family. If need be there are also opportunities for doubling up cast members – although we’re hoping we won’t need to.....

Show Dates

Wednesday 6th June 7.45pm

Thursday 7th June 7.45pm

Friday 8th June 7.45pm

Saturday 9th June 7.45pm

Dates for Read throughs:

Sunday 11th March 5-7pm

Tuesday 13th March 7.45pm

Dates for Auditions:

Tuesday 13th March 7.45pm

Thursday 15th March 7.45pm

Simply turn up on the slots above or register your interest online.

If you can’t make these dates but are interested in taking part, please contact Lorraine (

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